How to Provide Excellent Customer Service as a Roofing Contractor

Author: Dan Stout
November 4, 2019

In today's roofing market, it's not enough to have a great product or great skills; customers expect outstanding service before, during and after a project's completion. This is true for any small contracting business, but it's even more critical for residential roofing companies. When your cash flow hinges on customer referrals and online reviews, you simply must have the ability to provide excellent customer service.

Contractor and homeowners looking at blueprint outdoors
Quality customer service fosters referrals and happy clients.

Here are six ways to make yourself and your business stand out when it comes to customer satisfaction.


It's easy to forget that what's common knowledge to you is a mystery to your customers. Most homeowners are completely unfamiliar with the roofing trade. They don't know what's going to happen, and that uncertainty can be overwhelming, causing them to be defensive or anxious. Break this cycle by telling your customers what to expect and when to expect it.

You can talk with homeowners in person or over the phone, but consider putting all of your communication in writing. A friendly recap over email or physical mailer will create a paper trail that gives both of you something to refer to throughout the job.

Ask Questions

Some customers aren't shy at all: They'll let you know what they think, whether you want to hear it or not. Others need to be coaxed into talking about a project. Take the time to ask "Do you have any questions?" or "Are you happy with this?" It will make your customers feel as if they've been consulted, and gives you verbal approval at multiple stages of the project.

Hire Wisely

Your crew is the face of your organization. If your workers are talented but inconsiderate or rude when they show up on a jobsite, their behavior will be reflected in your reviews and (lack of) referrals. Your crew doesn't need to be as articulate and polished as your sales staff, but start with a solid core of workers who respect your customers, and they'll naturally provide excellent customer service.

Showcase Your Exceptional Service

The decisions you make about hiring or cost-cutting aren't immediately visible to your customers. In an ideal world, all of your work would be acknowledged and appreciated. But until the roofing world is perfect, we need to deal with the one we've got.

Make sure a client knows when you go above and beyond their expectations. Some contractors shy away from what may feel like bragging, but put yourself in the homeowner's shoes: Wouldn't you want to know about the high-quality work being done on your home?

Invoice Promptly and Clearly

This may seem counter-intuitive, but most customers appreciate seeing the final price and what it covers in black and white. Many contractors are uncomfortable talking about money, but some homeowners are, too. Give your clients the information they need in order to be comfortable writing a check.

Be Proactive About Labor Warranties

Warranties can be a pain in the neck, or they can be a source for new work. This is especially true if you're working directly with a homeowner rather than through a general contractor. Touch base with the homeowner at predetermined points — usually three to six months after the completion of the job — and again as the labor warranty period is about to expire. Chances are that any warranty work you turn up will be minor. You'd be surprised by how many leads and referrals come from taking the time to follow up.

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