Corporate Social Responsibility

Beacon’s 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility report provides an expanded, quantified view of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments which are rooted in the company’s values.

This year’s Report highlights the winning culture we are building which is an integral part of Beacon’s Ambition 2025 strategy.  We have worked hard to train and engage every employee in operating safely, to provide talent development opportunities that build careers, and to establish partnerships to support and uplift our communities. We are also making early progress on our emissions intensity reduction commitment by focusing on our fleet and facilities to improve fuel efficiency and reduce energy consumption. We are proud of our efforts to help our customers BUILD MORE while Putting People First, Making Every Day Safer, and Doing the Right Thing.

We want to continue to be a leading employer, the most trusted supplier for our customers, and a reputable partner in our communities by living our values and upholding our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (Código de ética y conducta empresarial de Beacon) and People First Policy

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Our work in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion are featured in our annual CSR Report.  To demonstrate transparency about the makeup of our workforce, our most recent EEO-1 report can be found here.


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