Delivery Tracking

Track All Your Deliveries with Ease

Our Delivery Tracking program provides real-time delivery notifications and order tracking for Beacon PRO + customers. From your smart device, you will know exactly when the building and roofing supplies you ordered will arrive and will confirm the order details in your account. No more wasting time wondering where your materials are when you can be finishing projects to keep your job on schedule.  

Contractor in truck reviewing customer order.

Delivery tracker provides contractors an efficient and accurate way to keep track of orders for every job through:   

  • Advanced notice of scheduled delivery days.
  • Real-time delivery notifications.
  • Delivery confirmation photos.
  • Simultaneous management of multiple orders.
  • Optional status updates via email and text.

Beacon employee ensuring a safe delivery

How Delivery Tracking Works 

  • Place Order: Beacon receives your order and begins processing for delivery. Review your order and verify everything you need is ordered correctly.  
  • Schedule Order: Your order has a scheduled delivery date. Advance delivery notification so you can schedule your crews and notify the homeowner.  
  • Order Delivery: Order is delivered. Confirmation delivery photos allow you to view and ensure the correct materials are delivered to the job site.  

With Beacon Delivery Tracking, contractors can more effectively manage their job sites, plan for deliveries and confirm receipt, all in one easy-to-use interface.  

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