Fuel Surcharge, March 2022 - South Atlantic

March 18, 2022

Fuel Surcharge Announcement

To Our Valued Customers:

Oil price volatility affected by the events in Ukraine are significantly and unfavorably impacting our product costs. In the past few weeks, diesel prices have risen 28% and are up almost 65% over last year. The major manufacturers have increased their freight surcharges between 25% to 60%, which is in addition to their announced April price increases.

While we strive to manage costs to ensure competitive pricing in the market, we are unable to absorb these additional costs into our business. As a result, you will see an increased freight/fuel surcharge on all orders shipping from our warehouse.

Orders shipping directly from a manufacturer will be billed at their current freight/fuel surcharge effective immediately.

Please contact your local Beacon Branch Manager or Sales Representative who can help answer any questions regarding the fuel surcharge increase.

Thank you for your partnership and continued support of Beacon Building Products.

Be Safe,

Brian Gibson
Regional Vice President – South Atlantic
Beacon Building Products