Should You Tip Contractors?

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Author: Dan Stout | January 4, 2024

Homeowners with a project drawing to a close often find themselves wondering: Should you tip contractors?

A hardhat full of various denominations of dollar bills.
Should you tip contractors? Here's how you can express your gratitude.

To be clear, tipping is neither mandatory nor expected in the construction industry. But if your roofer has done something above and beyond, there are plenty of ways to show your appreciation.

We'll break down the construction payment process to help you understand how you can best express gratitude without unintentionally causing a disruption.

How Contractors' Payments Work

Home improvement contracts are generally structured with multiple payments. A deposit from the homeowner covers the purchase of materials, with the bulk of the remainder coming at the completion of the project. Larger jobs may have additional "draws" or partial payments tied to milestones along the way.

To help the roofing companies stay within budget, most residential roofers are paid on a per-project basis. That means that when an individual takes extra time to do something outside the scope of work, they're essentially doing that out of their own pocket.

Service Above and Beyond

If something strikes you as being tip-worthy, absolutely feel free to express your gratitude. While tips are neither expected nor mandatory, they are always appreciated!

Some things that might fall into the "above and beyond" category might include showing special care for your much-loved garden, making sure you feel comfortable by spending extra time explaining roofing terminology or even wrangling a household pet who slipped loose in the chaos of construction.

If your roofer has done exceptional work and you'd like to show your thanks, there are a few ways to do so.

How Should You Tip Contractors?

The most direct method is to simply hand them cash. Or, if you established a good relationship with the company while selecting a roofer, you might give the payment to the sales rep and ask them to distribute it among the crew.

As for how much to tip, consider that workers generally make $100 to $150 for each full day of labor. So, a $20 tip is appreciated, $50 to $100 would be generous, and anything over that would be pretty surprising.

Non-Cash Tips

It's always worth mentioning great service to the roofing company. They'll want to have that worker on more jobs, and some companies offer bonuses to workers who generate compliments.

Another option that's always appreciated is to share a little food or water.

It's no secret that roofing is extremely hot work, so a cooler stocked with Gatorade or bottled water will have an outsized impact in the minds of the crew. Food is a little trickier, as most of the crew will likely have brought a lunch, and you may have to worry about food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Instead, you can talk to the crew lead about providing delivery for lunch. Delivery is great because it's designed to be eaten on the go, you don't have to worry about cleaning up dishes, and the workers can sort out preferences and choices on their own.

Ultimately, the only thing that matters is that you and the roofers involved are comfortable with the process. Almost anything you do to show your gratitude will be appreciated, and you shouldn't feel as though you have to overthink it. If you feel a tip is warranted, go ahead and give one; if you're unsure, just give it a pass.

Finally, never hesitate to simply tell someone you appreciate their work. A sincere word of thanks can go surprisingly far.