Skip the DIY: Hiring a Roofing Contractor Is the Right Choice

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Author: Sheryll Poe | August 25, 2023

Remember the old TV adage "don't try this at home"? That goes for roofing as well.

While it may seem like everyone is undertaking DIY home repair projects these days, hiring a roofing contractor will actually save a homeowner time, money and a lot of regret in the long run. It can even be critical for preventing injuries to you and your roof.

Read on for a few reasons to put your ladder back in the garage and pick up the phone instead.

Roofer installing shingles
Hiring a roofing contractor is the smart way to tackle your roofing project.

Fall Safety

Roofing is dangerous. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), one-fifth of all worker fatalities in the United States in 2017 were in the construction industry, and falling was the leading cause of deaths. Other OSHA studies have found that falling from a roof causes one-third of fall fatalities.

It goes without saying that it's even riskier for non-professionals. By ditching the DIY and hiring a roofing contractor, you get a professional who has undergone extensive safety training, uses proper safety equipment and, most importantly, has the right insurance to cover any accidents, including workers' compensation and general liability insurance.

A Job Done Right

Roofing systems are complex; a roof comprises several layers that work together to protect your home. Hiring a roofing contractor will ensure the proper installation of each component, which protects not only your roof from wind, rain, ice, heat and humidity, but also your attic, walls and foundation.

If you decide to go rogue and fix an existing roof, you could end up voiding the terms and conditions of your existing roofing warranty. Most warranties have a clause prohibiting unauthorized repairs.

Quality and Aesthetics

Repairing or installing an attractive new roof isn't as easy as it looks on TV. Unless you have the right tools and skills, your DIY attempt could result in crooked or misaligned shingles that create a mismatched, patchwork-quilt effect on your roof — which will neither impress your neighbors nor increase your home's curb appeal.

A recent survey from ImproveNet exposes the ugly truth of going the DIY route on a home improvement project: Nearly two out of three people surveyed said they regretted undertaking a home improvement project, and one in three admitted they had to call in a professional to redo the job. These homeowners' biggest project disappointment? More than half of the respondents (55 percent) said the final project didn't look good and 24 percent said it didn't function well.

Leave Your Roofing Job to the Professionals

Remember, roof work is no HGTV project. Attempting to install or repair your own roof can be hazardous, costly and potentially unsightly. Homeowners should think twice before doing even "just a little" roofing repair on their own. Look for an experienced contractor in your area who can advise you on roofing materials, installation and maintenance, and you'll be far happier with the results.

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