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Give accurate quotes for real roofing products at record speeds directly on your website or from virtually anywhere.

How Does it Benefit Your Business?

  • Integrated with Beacon PRO+
  • Capture leads using instant quotes
  • Integrated financing for your customers
  • Automatically order a measurement report
  • Automatic generation of material orders
  • Custom quotes created in seconds

win more, build faster with instant roof quotes

Go from lead to order at record speed and offer an experience to homeowners that meets their expectations in a digital age. RoofQuote PRO™ is a revolutionary platform for contractors to generate more leads, supercharge their sales, and streamline their production.  It starts with giving instant quotes for real products on your website or from anywhere, whether in the home, knocking doors, or selling virtually.  Get detailed measurements from Eagleview or GAF QuickMeasure directly through the platform, and generate material orders with ease using the Beacon PRO+ integration.

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"I have sold over $160,000 this month in just sales produced from RoofQuote Pro and it's increasing every month!"

- Adam Q, RoofQuote PRO Customer


Platform Highlights

  • Unlimited instant quotes on your website
  • Unlimited users in your Pro Portal
  • Choose your products, set your own pricing and segment by market
  • Branding with complete customization
  • Detailed measurement reports
  • Contact management and analytics reporting
  • Desktop, tablet and mobile friendly
  • Polished technology and transparency

User Benefits

  • Get up to 6x more website leads
  • Streamline your entire process from lead to order
  • Supercharge your marketing efforts with a stronger call-to-action
  • Raise close rates with price-conditioned leads
  • Save your sales team time by weeding out tire kickers
  • Increase your coverage area by quoting and selling projects virtually anywhere
  • Hit exponentially more doors in storms with instant quotes
  • Get the jump on your competition


  • Integrated AI-powered instant decision financing
  • Easy material ordering powered by Beacon Pro+
  • Integrate with your CRM and other apps
  • EagleView and GAF QuickMeasure reports

Introducing Roof Quote Pro

An instant roof quoting tool that lives on your website.

PRO+ Integration Tutorial

An instant roof quoting tool that lives on your website.

With Roof Quote PRO™ we are seeing an average lead conversion rate of 8-10% for form completions, with some companies achieving over 15% conversion.

- Matthew McDaniel, ROOFLE CMO

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