5 Reasons Why a Roofing Career May Be Right for You

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Author: Heidi J. Ellsworth | May 5, 2023

There are many roofers today who never planned on a roofing career, but are thriving in their chosen field. Unfortunately, it's not a trade that is usually promoted in high schools or even trade schools. That attitude is beginning to change.

Roofer on commercial building wearing hardhat.
Many roofers never planned on a roofing career, but are thriving in this welcoming and challenging industry.

Individual roofers and groups like the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) have been working to not only get the word out about what a great opportunity a roofing career is, but also provide some hard facts about the long-term potential of a career in roofing. Here are five reasons to listen to their advice and climb into your next job.

1. Develop a Lifelong Career

Learning a trade like roofing is a career path that can start on the jobsite and move into the office, or into other opportunities like distribution and manufacturing. The opportunities are limitless for a well-trained and hardworking person.

Continuing education is on the rise in the roofing industry. There has always been strong training within roofing companies, but now the industry is experiencing increased opportunities through associations like the NRCA University and manufacturer programs. Extra courses and learning opportunities help both new recruits and seasoned vets improve their skills.

In fact, a great reason to look at a career in roofing now is the opportunity to get certified. Roofing craftspeople can take a test to prove the quality of their work and receive certification status with the NRCA ProCertification. It's a sign of quality and trade excellence that will propel any career and increase salary ranges.

2. Earn a Good Living

Roofers can expect to work hard physically and risk the occasional injury, but a good hourly wage or monthly salary is part of the roofing industry. Roofing contractors are looking for talented craftspeople who can deliver quality work, and many are willing to pay top dollar. With certifications and experience, your wages will only increase.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average wage for roofing field workers is over $51,000 per year, with opportunities for much higher salaries after time and training.

3. Stay Active

If you're someone who doesn't like to sit still or be stuck inside, roofing might be perfect for you. The opportunity to work outside, get exercise and create a beautiful, sound structure delivers a sense of accomplishment and will help keep you physically fit and active.

4. Learn About Technology

The old days of pen, paper and clipboards are quickly vanishing. Being proficient in technology like smartphone apps, drones and robotics can position new roofing professionals in some of the top technician jobs in the industry. Meanwhile, burgeoning industrial advances like solar roof tiles are becoming critical to the growth and sustainability of the industry and opening new job opportunities.

Roofing offers a unique opportunity to embrace technology while working in a very traditional trade. The industry will be looking for the next generation of smart, curious recruits to bring efficiencies to the rooftop and brainstorm solutions for contractors.

5. Make Your Crew Your Family

Although money is important, roofing business owners are beginning to understand that job culture is also critical. Employees are looking for jobs that fit their talent, skills and lifestyle. Any seasoned roofer will talk over and over again about the family of roofing. The industry is tight-knit and welcoming.

Although roofers may not always have had the best reputation, the reality is that they are a group comprising committed, professional and welcoming tradespeople who see it as their job to keep families and businesses safe. Being part of such a widespread, passionate network is one of the greatest benefits of roofing.