Accessing Roofing Supplies Online: The Value of Using Beacon PRO+

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Author: Dan Stout | March 27, 2023

As you consider using a platform like Beacon PRO+ to order roofing supplies online, your first inclination might be to skim through its list of features. While that's a natural instinct, it can be overwhelming to try to imagine all the ways the platform can be used on a case-by-case basis. What really matters is how this tool can address the underlying needs of your business as a whole.

Two people look at a computer on a construction site.
The Beacon PRO+ platform addresses the root issues of roofing businesses.

Here's how the Beacon PRO+ platform can save you time and money while making communication easier and giving you peace of mind that your business is on the right track.

Save Time on Day-to-Day Tasks

There are as many different types of business owners as there are businesses, each with their own strengths and challenges. But the one thing every business owner has in common is the number of hours they have in a day.

Beacon PRO+ is loaded with features to streamline your business and save you time. Whether optimizing the estimating and bid proposal process, simplifying accounting software synchronization or eliminating the need to scroll through materials that aren't available to you, it's a solution that empowers you to focus on the work that matters most.

Ordering roofing supplies online from your phone or computer is an amazing technical advance compared to 30 years ago. But the real magic is in what you're not doing: driving to a supplier, loading up supplies and hauling them out to the jobsite on your own. By handling all the busywork of ordering materials — especially with the use of templates and customized material lists — Beacon PRO+ is like having a personal assistant to handle orders for you.

Once a job is underway, Beacon PRO+ continues to save you time by simplifying tasks such as invoice and rebate tracking or syncing your purchases and returns with accounting software. Reclaim the mental energy these repetitive tasks can consume, and focus on closing more deals and getting your jobs done right.

Save Money and Increase Profitability

Far too many roofing companies limit their own income by not having enough work in their pipelines. When a company is hungry for work, salespeople might feel pressure to lower estimates, reducing profitability. This can spiral to other areas of your business as crews, eager to get off an unprofitable job, become tempted to cut corners to finish faster.

Beacon PRO+ helps set your company up for success with a bundle of tools to ensure a healthy pipeline of leads and accurate estimates. The Storm Reporting feature allows you to track inclement weather so you can reach out to property owners in need of repairs. Once you have your finger on your market's pulse, leads come in faster and you'll need to create estimates quickly and accurately. Beacon 3D+ provides fast, accurate jobsite measurements, while Beacon's Home Financing program helps get homeowners under contract.

Beacon PRO+ shows only the materials and supplies that are available to you and at your price point, helping you lock in the most accurate estimates possible. Move from estimate to order seamlessly, whether you're estimating on the fly or using a dedicated estimating software like Estimating Edge. And once you're on the job, it can help you adjust your estimates as needed to keep your profit margins high.

Improve Communication

There's no greater threat to profitability than miscommunication. Poor or inaccurate communication can lead to unhappy customers, incorrect orders, increased warranty calls and duplicated work. End the miscommunication cycle once and for all with centralized, clear messaging.

Using the Beacon PRO+ platform means estimates will be more accurate, more professional and more complete. The customer will know what to expect and when.

Orders will be made accurately and completely. Only see materials that are available, and see them at your price point — no surprises at checkout time!

Have workers waiting on a delivery? Track orders from the moment they're placed through jobsite drop-off. Receive updates via text message or email, and share them with subcontractors or customers at your discretion. And you'll receive a photo of the materials once they've been stocked at the site, eliminating second-guessing on whether you have what you need later on.

Maintain Peace of Mind

As with any business, it's common for issues to crop up, such as a customer complaint on a warranty issue or a subcontractor questioning a timeline. While you can't safeguard against every possible issue that might arise, using Beacon PRO+ provides a measure of certainty in an uncertain world.

From tracking order status and delivery details to providing 24/7 access to invoices and estimates, it creates a digital trail to help confirm your jobs were done right the first time. With Beacon PRO+, you can have peace of mind that your business is taken care of without needing to worry about what tomorrow might bring, letting you concentrate on your life outside of work.

With Beacon PRO+, you can be sure your business is supported from the very beginning and from jobsite to jobsite. Using this platform allows you to increase efficiency, bringing value to your business in more ways than just improving the ordering process.

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