Boost Recruitment and Retention With Strong Employee Benefits

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Author: Linda Light  | November 4, 2019

Your roofing business relies on its skilled workforce to get the job done. With skilled construction labor in high demand, recruitment and retention are critical for growing your business and staying profitable. Offering a solid benefits package that includes fair pay and development opportunities can help you recruit and retain the workers you need.

Two construction workers leaning in for a handshake
Creating a company culture of teamwork and partnership on the construction site aids recruitment and retention.

How Benefits Improve Recruitment and Retention

If your construction company has only a handful of employees, you may find it difficult to finance a hefty benefits package. However, offering support that focuses on health and well-being can have a positive effect in keeping your workforce happy and engaged. Competitive benefits can also lure new recruits and increase loyalty in your existing employees.

According to the 2017 Aflac WorkForces Report:

  • 66 percent of construction industry employees say benefits packages are important to their job satisfaction.
  • 75 percent are likely to accept a job with lower pay if it has better benefits.
  • 47 percent say improving their benefits packages is one thing their employers could do to keep them in their jobs.

Training and Development

One benefit you can offer your workers is dedicated time to learn new skills or pursue an educational goal. Training and development opportunities tell your workforce — whether they're in the field or in the office — that you want to invest in their future with your company.

Larger commercial operations may have the flexibility to offer continuing education, operational training or professional certifications. Residential contractors with fewer employees may offer on-the-job training programs that give more seasoned employees a chance to lead their newer teammates.

Don't forget to train and empower employees reaching retirement age. A mentoring program could allow your veteran employees to teach crucial skills to a younger co-worker while brushing up on new technology and techniques.

Employee Awards and Recognition

Rewards don't always have to be monetary. A simple word of thanks or recognition in front of the whole crew can motivate your workers and deepen employee satisfaction. Take the time to verbally recognize that veteran employee who has been teaching others how to use personal fall arrest equipment, for example, or that new hire who worked overtime to finish a project.

Don't just wait for supervisors or management to bestow awards: Make it easy for everyone to participate by creating a suggestion box or setting aside a few minutes in a weekly meeting. Recognition from peers instills a sense of pride and achievement. Good morale on the job leads to higher productivity, too!

Work-Life Balance

Your employees are under persistent pressure to meet deadlines, adapt to weather conditions and work overtime. You can ease and reduce this stress by offering appropriate flexible work options such as a compressed work week or half-days on Fridays.

Give your workforce a chance to connect with each other off the clock by sponsoring a sports team, a health event or a company outing. Even the smallest family business can take time for a potluck employee appreciation lunch.

Health and Well-Being

No matter the size of your construction business, a strong mental health benefits program is crucial. The seasonality of the work, travel demands, long hours and more can trigger mental, physical and emotional stress for your workers. An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers those in distress a place to go for help with depression, home life concerns, financial planning and even smoking cessation.

Create a work culture that reminds your employees how valuable they are. Finding creative ways to strengthen your benefits program will help draw the roofing talent you need and keep the great workers you already have.

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