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Author: Linda Light | June 12, 2023

While you may be skilled at your craft today, change happens in every industry. Taking advantage of continuing education for contractors can help you stay current with new roofing technology and practices, enabling you to better serve your clients today and in the future.

Contractor looking at a laptop.
Continuing education can be a valuable tool for roofers looking to learn about a new technology or improve their communication skills.

Professional development opportunities come in many forms: online webinars, formal lectures, seminars, mentoring and apprenticeship programs, certifications and more. These opportunities build on your expertise and improve your capabilities in the workplace. Besides helping you become a better roofing, continuing education can generate career advancement opportunities.

In addition, professional development is a perk that can often attract high-quality workers to a business. Read on to learn more about the benefits of going "back to school" as a roofer.

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Better Serve Your Clients

Taking advantage of professional development opportunities can help you better serve your customers. For instance, more and more clients are asking about energy efficiency. Knowing what roofing materials offer the highest efficiency can ultimately save your clients money, which they will remember and appreciate in the future.

Staying up to date can also help you answer your customers' questions about cutting-edge roofing technology and techniques, new products and equipment and recent regulation changes and safety guidelines.

Where to Find Continuing Education for Contractors

So where can you find educational opportunities? For starters, the vendors you buy or rent materials and equipment from may offer certification programs for using their products. Taking a vendor course often enables you to say that you are a certified installer or dealer of their product, which can be an effective selling point.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides training programs for construction industry professionals in all sectors. If you're looking for leadership opportunities, the OSHA Training Institute offers workshops for people who want to become Construction Industry Outreach Trainers.

A little online sleuthing can lead you to other trade associations for more specific professional development and continuing education opportunities. For instance, the International Code Council can help you chart a career path as a residential building inspector. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) offers a Qualified Trainer Conference to help trainers improve their teaching and mentoring skills. Both offer the career-enhancing opportunity to learn another roofing discipline.

Other national and regional resources to check out include:

Other Learning Opportunities

You can also find educational opportunities by attending trade shows where vendors are displaying new products and offerings. Some vendors will provide you with product or installation demonstrations.

Professional development helps workers develop skills at all levels, from a skilled laborer up to manager, supervisor and even business owner. Taking the time to improve your soft skills like communication and decision-making will help improve your overall job performance and advance your career. It may even improve an entire roofing company's performance.

When you come across an opportunity, take advantage of it. Continuing education is a leg up for contractors, businesses and clients.

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