How to Hire a Roofing Crew

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Author: Amy Freeman | March 27, 2023

If you're looking for a roofing crew, you might have discovered that a good team is hard to find. You may not be sure where to look for applicants or how to retain candidates once you hire them. One thing is for sure: You need a roofing crew to take on the projects you have scheduled for the upcoming season and beyond.

A roofing crew member works on a roof.
Your roofing crew acts as the face of your company, so hiring qualified crew members is a must.

Knowing who you need to hire and where to look will help you put together a top-notch crew from the ground up.

Know What You're Hiring For

Before starting your hiring process, figure out what roles you need to fill. Depending on the makeup of your current team, you may need to hire entry-level crew members, more experienced roofers, supervisors or some combination. When you know where the gaps are in your current crew, it's easier to start and refine your search. You don't want to look for entry-level crew members when you really need a supervisor, nor do you want to hire a supervisor when you need solid crew members.

Write a short description of the role, the salary range and the start date for the job. If you're willing to train on the job, mention that in your description.

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Connect With Local Training Programs

Once you know what you want, it's time to find your new employees. If you're largely looking for entry-level or trainee-level workers, connecting with a local apprenticeship program can be your best bet. The United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers & Allied Workers supports apprenticeship programs, and your local branch may help you establish an apprenticeship.

Another option is to visit local high schools and ask if you can do a presentation about roofing careers. Some schools might even have career fairs where you could have a table. While many high school students are directed toward college, a four-year degree isn't for everyone. Some students may be thrilled to learn more about working in roofing and the opportunity to work for your company.

Advertise Near and Far

To find more experienced crew members, use a mix of high- and low-tech advertising. Ask current crew members for referrals, or create flyers about your available crew openings and hand them out at community events. You can also hang up flyers at local hardware or roofing supply stores.

Don't neglect the internet when looking for crew members. Post about your open positions on your social media pages and website. Create a job listing on the National Roofers Contracting Association's career page, too.

Partner With Employment Agencies

Some employment agencies specialize in helping people retrain or find a new career. Often, these agencies support underserved populations, such as women who might want to get into roofing or veterans who need work. For example, Be a Hero Hire a Hero aims to create opportunities for veterans by connecting them with employers. And National Women in Roofing helps women land jobs in roofing.

Finding a top-quality roofing crew is just the beginning. Once you've hired your crew, provide them with benefits, respect and support so they're more likely to stick with your company through thick and thin.