Roofing Trends and Styles You'll See in 2024

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Author: Amy Freeman | January 30, 2024

What roofing trends do you need to be aware of as 2024 gets underway? And how will these trends affect your roofing business over the next 12 months? As concerns about climate and sustainability increase, you can expect roofing customers from both residential and commercial markets to want roofing options that protect their buildings and the planet.

Here are some roofing trends and styles to watch in 2024.

A woman roofer stands in front of solar panels.
Green and eco-friendly roofing options will be a popular trend in 2024.

Cool Color Roofs

You know that it's best to wear cool, light colors in the heat of summer. Lighter colors reflect sunlight, helping you stay comfortable. The same is true for roofs. Lighter colors, such as pastels and white, reflect the sun's heat, keeping it from getting absorbed by the building beneath.

Cool color roofs are a spin-off of cool roofs. They come in pastel, earth tone or white shades and can help increase a building's energy efficiency. How much light a cool color roof can reflect depends on the color. A white roof can reflect up to 90 percent of the sun's rays, according to the Department of Energy, while a pastel roof can reflect up to 60 percent of the sun's light.

Eco-Friendly Roofs

Another big roofing trend to watch is a focus on eco-friendly or sustainable roofs. Eco-friendly roofs can take many forms, from the green roofs that were trendy a few years ago to roofs with solar panels or solar reflective shingles.

Eco-friendly roofs may also be made from recycled materials, such as recycled asphalt shingles. As customers continue to look for ways to decrease the size of their footprints, expect to see a greater demand for environmentally conscious roofing materials in 2024.

Weather-Resistant Roofs

2023 was a big year for storms, with 23 separate natural disasters occurring across the country, causing $57 billion in property damage. As severe storms and other weather events are only likely to become more common, people are going to be on the lookout for materials that can withstand prolonged exposure to winds, hail and rain.

Expect to see increased interest in impact-resistant roofing material in 2024. Impact-resistant materials can better withstand damage from hail and wind, saving homeowners money in the long run.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are going to be big in 2024, for a few reasons. They have the weather and impact resistance that's so in demand now. They're reflective and can function as a cool roof. They can also be made from recycled metal and then recycled at the end of their life as a roof, making them a renewable and sustainable roofing material pick.

As a bonus, metal roofing materials are available in a wide range of colors and styles.

Sustainability and durability will be major considerations when home or business owners look for new roofs in 2024. The year's coming trends deliver a combination of form and function, protecting properties while making them look good.