Smart Order: How Beacon PRO+ Makes It Easier to Order Roofing Project Materials

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Author: Sheryll Poe | May 31, 2024

A major pain point for many roofing businesses is ordering project materials quickly and accurately. Luckily, new technologies are being developed that can help you manage your projects and keep everything on track.

Smart Order is a new feature on Beacon PRO+ that incorporates the cutting-edge technologies of EagleView and the industry knowledge of Beacon Building Supplies to create customized, structured orders that streamline the process of ordering the right amount and type of project materials for each project, every time.

beacon employee discussing pro plus with a contractor
Ordering roofing materials has never been easier or more accurate thanks to Smart Order and EagleView.

What Is the Next Level of Online Ordering?

For more than eight years, Beacon PRO+ has enabled contractors to order and track their project materials online.

Beacon PRO+ is the industry's most robust online platform tailored to the needs of the professional contractor. Beacon contractors rely on Beacon PRO+ to place orders from the jobsite, the office or from home, from any device at any time. All of your favorite Beacon products are available for online purchase, and deliveries can be scheduled directly to the jobsite. Beacon PRO+ users can even track deliveries, pay bills online, save order history and reorder any materials.

Now, with Smart Order and the integration with EagleView, an aerial measurement service that gives a perfect visualization and measurements of a project, contractors can prepare orders with greater accuracy and consistency, allowing them to run their business more smoothly and profitably.

This latest integration — as well as other recent enhancements to the platform — help Beacon's hardworking customers gain a competitive edge by providing 24/7 access to the functionality and information that enables them to work smarter and faster in today's competitive environment.

Where Can I Access Smart Order?

Smart Order is right on the Beacon PRO+ page. All of the information contractors need — accurate roof measurements, complete materials list and easy order creation — are taken from each project's EagleView report.

For premium residential reports, a contractor just clicks on the "Begin Smart Order" button and selects a template to create a customized order. After selecting a template, contractors can further customize the order by changing the waste factor defaults, which are auto-set to 10%, as well as each line of the order.

Rather than being faced with just a large list of project materials, Smart Order segments the list into specific categories. This segmentation walks customers through the entire roof from top down, shingles to underlayment. There's even a miscellaneous category for those easy-to-forget items such as moldable putty or extra nozzles.

As a contractor goes through the pre-populated list, they can make changes to the quantity or the size of the items needed or filter for a specific brand. The overall effect is a more complete order without missing anything a contractor might need or having to search through pages of product descriptions to find the exact one for that specific project.

Next, contractors have the option to save the new project template for future revisions or continue on to checkout. Once there, they'll find that the project address is already pre-populated. All they have to do is choose a date and time for delivery or pickup and place the order. All told, the process to go from an EagleView report to an order takes less than 5 to 10 minutes and can be completed in just six steps.

Leveraging Technology and Industry Knowledge

In today's connected world, roofers are finding plenty of opportunities to embrace innovation to make their work more efficient and help their businesses run smoother. As roofing technology continues to advance at an ever-increasing pace, Beacon PRO+ will continue to roll out new technology integrations to give their customers an extra advantage, with solutions that help both new and seasoned roofing professionals work smarter, order materials quicker, and build better.