Tracking Roofing Promotions and Other Things Roofers Can Do to Prepare for Spring

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Author: Sheryll Poe | April 7, 2021

There are plenty of things roofers can do in the off-season to set themselves up for success in the busy spring and summer months. That includes keeping track of roofing promotions, scheduling projects and making sure homeowners know their financing options.

A roofing contractor reviews his upcoming projects on a laptop while corresponding with clients
Keeping track of promotions and rebates from roofing material manufacturers can save roofing company's money.

Promotion Tracking

Keeping track of promotions and rebates from manufacturers during the slow season allows roofing business owners to be prepared to buy materials when prices are at their best, saving both the client and the roofing company money.

Promotions and rebates are especially important cost-savers this year as COVID-19 restrictions, manufacturer shutdowns and supply chain disruptions have led to skyrocketing prices for roofing and other building materials.

The easiest, hassle-free way to keep track of roofing promotions and rebates is by using technology. Beacon PRO+ includes promotion tracking, making it easier for contractors to work efficiently and save money. With just the click of a button, contractors can keep track of manufacturer promotions, view projected rebates and see when rebates will arrive, keeping all savings options organized in one place.

Here are a few other perks of Beacon PRO+ promotion tracking:

  • No Cost: It's free to sign up.
  • One-Time Sign-Up: Simply fill out the form at the start of the promotion and Beacon will track your rebates for the entire promotion.
  • Projections: See your projected rebate amount.
  • Account Management: View invoices with line-item detail and verifies that you are getting back the full amount you qualify for.
  • Efficiency: No more tracking down invoices — it's all taken care of.
  • Major Manufacturers: Beacon currently tracks GAF, TAMKO, CertainTeed Roofing, IKO, and Owens Corning products and is always adding more manufacturers.

Schedule Early Sales and Inspections

Hopefully, you've been using the slower winter months to line up projects for spring. Now is a good time to reach out to those clients and make sure everyone is clear on the project details. By reaching out to all your customers in the pipeline, you'll be able to build out a timeline and have a good idea of what your staffing and material needs will be for the coming months. You can also judge if you'll be able to take on additional projects.

It's also a good time to check in on previous customers and offer special promotions for spring roof inspections or annual roof maintenance. Most clients will be pleased that you remembered them, earning you their trust. It will also create some smaller projects that can fill in any gaps in your team's work schedule.

Set Up Homeowner Financing

A new roof is a significant expense, which is why homeowners are seeking financing options that let them protect their investment and keep their family safe without having to make a hefty one-time payment.

Roofing professionals who can offer payment plans to help make roof replacement costs more affordable will have a major competitive advantage. In fact, three out of four homeowners surveyed said they would hire a contractor that offered the option of homeowner financing over one that did not.

Beacon is proud to provide homeowner financing services that allow contractors to offer flexible, robust solutions for their customers. Through its financing partners at Service Finance, Beacon provides over 50 financial products to meet a range of needs.

Beacon's homeowner financing also offers paperless processing and a mobile app for credit decisions within seconds — all important features for contractors who are working with clients remotely during COVID-19.

Contractors who use Beacon's roofing financing can offer homeowners several benefits:

  • No payments and no interest for the first 6 months
  • Loan rolls right into 120-month, low payment, reduced-interest loan
  • $132 minimum payment (based on $10,000 job)
  • A simple interest rate of 9.99% APR
  • No prepayment penalty

With just a few simple actions — including tracking promotions, building a schedule, and assisting with financing — roofing professionals can use slower sales months to prepare for their busy season.

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