Roofing Industry Trends

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The Best Materials for a Detroit Roofing Installation

Publish Date: 5/10/24 | Author:  Lee Polevoi
Homeowners and roofing contractors alike will agree that weather conditions in Detroit, Michigan, are challenging.

The Best Materials for Orlando Roofing Projects

Publish Date: 5/10/24 | Author:  Dan Stout
A Florida roof needs to balance aesthetics and resistance to severe weather.

Everything You Need to Know About Kansas City Roofing

Publish Date: 4/24/24 | Author:  Sheryll Poe
Kansas City roofing poses unique challenges and opportunities.

Everything You Need to Know About Nashville Roofing Installation

Publish Date: 4/24/24 | Author:  Sheryll Poe
Knowing which residential roofing materials will work best in Nashville's wide temperature range can be tricky.

Aluminum Siding 101: Everything You Need To Know

Publish Date: 4/24/24 | Author:  Sheryll Poe
The benefits of aluminum include comparable costs to vinyl, weather resistance and insulation.

Commercial Roof Protection for Extreme Weather 

Publish Date: 3/11/24 | Author:  Amy Freeman
As a roofing contractor, one way to prepare for extreme weather is to offer your commercial customers roof protection against excess precipitation, high winds, heat, cold and prolonged UV exposure.

Best Materials for Minnesota Roofs

Publish Date: 3/4/24 | Author:  Dan Stout
Roofs in snowy areas such as Minnesota need special consideration.

The Benefits of a Roof Coating

Publish Date: 2/27/24 | Author:  Dan Stout
Applying a roof coating can be as simple as rolling or brushing it on.

Essential Roofing Waterproofing Products

Publish Date: 1/23/24 | Author:  Dan Stout
There are a few nonnegotiables that must make the list before a roof can be considered sufficiently waterproofed.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency with Cool Roofing Systems

Publish Date: 1/15/24 | Author:  Amy Freeman
Reflective colors and vegetation help cool rooftops and lower energy bills.

Commercial Roof Protection for Extreme Weather

Publish Date: 12/12/23 | Author:  Dan Stout
Snow, wind and rain can damage a commercial roof, but there are ways to protect the roof and extend its life.

What's the Best Flat Roof Coating?

Publish Date: 12/12/23 | Author:  Dan Stout
Flat roof coatings protect the roof and help to keep utility bills under control.

Aluminum vs. Vinyl Siding: Which to Recommend and Why

Publish Date: 12/12/23 | Author:  Barbara Horwitz-Bennett
Evaluating aluminum vs. vinyl siding? Both materials offer beneficial properties, but they vary somewhat in longevity, durability, energy efficiency, maintenance, ease of installation, aesthetics and cost.

How to Insulate an Attic Floor

Publish Date: 10/11/23 | Author: Sheryll Poe
Here are some tips on how to insulate an attic floor.

Hot Roof Insulation

Publish Date: 8/7/23 | Author: Dan Stout
Here's a quick look at the most common varieties of hot roof insulation, why some homeowners like them, and what all this means for roofers.

How to Get Certified as a Minority-Owned Business

Publish Date: 7/10/23 | Author: Linda Light
Learn how to get certified as a minority owned business.

Networking: One Step for Women Roofers in Building a Career

Publish Date: 7/10/23 | Author: Linda Light
The roofing industry provides numerous career opportunities for women.

Fire-Resistant Roofing Materials for Commercial Roofs

Publish Date: 7/10/23 | Author: Sheryl Poe
Being aware of these fire-resistant roofing materials can put your customers' minds at ease.

The Benefits of Steep Slope Roofing Products

Publish Date: 3/24/2023 | Author: Amy Freeman | Roofing Industry Trends
Using the right steep slope roofing products extends the life of a roof and keeps your team safe on the job.

How Distinguished Women in Roofing Are Honored With Beacon's Female Roofing Professional Competition

Publish Date: 3/24/2023 | Author: Sheryll  Poe
As a high-energy, team-based industry with stable jobs and opportunities for growth and development, roofing offers many careers for women.

How a Roof Coating Can Save You Money on Your Roofing Project

Publish Date: 3/14/2023 | Author: Dan Stout
One of the best ways to achieve this is with high-quality roof coatings. Read on to learn more...

Is Your Roof Ready for Winter Season? 

Metal Roofing in Winter: Design Tips for Cold Weather Climates

Publish Date: 2/13/2023 | Author: Michael Russo
With winter coming, high-end metal roofs are in for a performance shake-down. This article goes deep to educate contractors on several designs and installation techniques that will help both low- and steep-slope standing seam metal roofs perform well in moderate to harsh winter conditions.

10 Tips for Common Commercial Roofing Problems and Solutions

Publish Date: 4/21/2021 | Author: Dan Stout
Let's look at some common roofing problems and solutions for making your most common repairs as efficiently as possible.

Does Painting a Roof White Save Energy?

Publish Date: 8/3/2021 | Author: Lee Polevoi
Before offering this option to customers, roofing contractors should consider the overall environment, local climate, roof insulation quality and roof type, as well as how well a building's heating and cooling system operates.

How to Communicate the Importance of Proper Roof Ventilation to Homeowners

Publish Date: 7/1/2021 | Author: Lee Polevoi
By illustrating the benefits of proper ventilation — and the structural issues that arise when ventilation is faulty — you can provide a big-picture view that demonstrates the importance of this element to your residential roofing clients.

Combining Passive Solar Design With Roof-Integrated PV

Publish Date: 7/1/2021 | Author: Michael Russo
Designed to provide a good-looking, low-profile alternative to typical rack-mounted solar panels — which are typically drilled through the roof's shingles — modern solar solutions integrate directly with the roofing system and are part of the primary water-shedding layer.

Using Induction Welding Techniques to Speed Up TPO Single-Ply Applications: A Case Study From Colorado

Publish Date: 4/15/2021 | Author: Michael Russo
The roofing applicator activates the electromagnetic induction welding tool directly over the specially coated plate to bond the underside of the membrane to the plate.

Flat Roof Installation: The New Residential Trend for 2020 

Publish Date: 5/26/2020 | Author: Heidi J. Ellsworth
Whether growing a rooftop garden or hoping to stay within budget, homeowners should know that flat roofing is a viable option.

How Can We Clean up Air Pollution? With Roofing Granules That Soak up Smog!

Publish Date: 4/21/2020 | Author: Heidi J. Ellsworth
Because the next generation of roofing customers is showing more and more that they care about protecting the environment, roofing contractors should consider how to incorporate these smog-reducing granules into their next project.

How Your Roofing Business Can Start a Shingle Recycling Program

Publish Date: 4/22/2020 | Author: Dan Stout
Recycling unused or torn-off shingles helps keep material out of landfills and can put a little cash in your pocket, which appeals to environmentally-minded clients.

Is Gamification the Future of Commercial Construction Recruiting? 

Publish Date: 4/21/2020 | Author: Dan Stout
It's an old concept, but modern technology can help gamification boost your recruiting and improve performance for your newest commercial roofing hires.

The Basics: What is TPO Roofing?

Publish Date: 4/21/2020 | Author: Sheryll Poe
With its energy-efficient and water-resistant qualities, TPO is a natural choice for flat roof homes, particularly in warm, southern climates.

How to Fix My Roof Leaks: Repair Tapes Are the Solution for Commercial Roof Repairs 

Publish Date: 4/13/2020| Author: Amy Freeman
Repair tape lets you quickly fix problems so that your customers can keep living under a leak-free roof.

It's Time to Use TRI-BUILT for Your Modified Roofing Projects

Publish Date: 4/13/2020 | Author: Amy Freeman
TRI-BUILT modified bitumen membranes can work for both new construction and re-roofing projects.

What Is the Best Building Wrap? 

Publish Date: 4/13/2020 | Author: Sheryll Poe
Building wrap is a critical component of any home or building design, providing a protective barrier between the wall substrate and the exterior. 

What Roofing Underlayment Should I Use? 

Publish Date: 4/13/2020 | Author: Lee Polevoi
It's an important question because roofing underlayment is an essential layer of protection against wear and tear from rain, wind, moisture and UV damage.

Why Is Attic Ventilation Important?

Publish Date: 4/7/2021 | Author: Sheryll Poe
Brush up on a few key tips and some new products to help ensure a smooth and secure ventilation project.

What National Women in Roofing is Doing for the Roofing Industry

Publish Date: 2/4/2020 | Author: Heidi J. Ellsworth
National Women in Roofing is advocating for more diverse roofing workforces through its educational resources for individuals and businesses alike.

What Is PVC Roofing?

Publish Date: 11/4/2019 | Author: Barbara Horwitz-BennettBecause PVC is so strong and stable, it can be installed by heat welding the seams, as opposed to other membranes that require adhesive or utilize a taped seam. 

What Residential Contractors Need to Know About Installing Skylights

Publish Date: 11/4/2019 | Author: Linda Light
When installed correctly, skylights are a great way to help your client improve the energy efficiency of their home.